What is MER’S jewelry?

All of our gold and silver products with the MER’S stamp and belonging to our brand are 925 sterling silver. 925 sterling silver is one of the softest and brightest precious metals.

In essence, there is 92.5% pure silver metal and 7.5% other alloys under the name “925”. Thanks to these alloys, pure silver is transformed into a more easily machinable material.

Below are the processes and applications we made on 925 sterling silver in our designs.

Micron plating of 24 carat gold (it is the highest quality, state-of-the-art plating technique that contains a certain amount of GOLD on top of 925 sterling silver.) The most important feature of our MER’S products is the most elegant GOLD color tone we give to the products with this coating technique, and a much longer durability.



Rhodium Coating: This coating is the coating of all white products you see in MER’S. Rhodium; It is the most valuable metal after gold and platinum. Rhodium; It is a type of coating that does not tarnish and wear during processing, can resist acid and different weather conditions, and is much more resistant to darkening in contact with water and oxygen.

Handcraft enamel: Enamel is the most elegant handcraft that has been known and made for centuries. By mixing and melting glass powder with metal oxides in the desired color; it becomes a fluid and dense substance like glassThis is how we give life to our Colorful World. All our enameled products are applied on 925 sterling silver.

Zircon Stone: Zircon is used as all stone types in MER’S products. Zircon stone is the most natural form of Zirconium found in nature. It is very useful on the digestive system. It relaxes and facilitates sleep, accelerates mental activities, provides balance in the emotional field and regulates the energy balance of the person.

Metallic Finish products (where you do not see any gold or silver color) are used for only design purposes which are nickel-free accessories (do not cause allergic reaction). They are colored with a high level of technology. We recommend that you wear them a little more carefully and sensitively in order to avoid damage in crashes and falls.