“How can I take better care of my earrings?”

All our gold and silver colored earrings are 925 sterling silver with MER’S stamped and belongs to our brand MER’S.

Regarding the coating , “925” means there is 92.5% pure silver metal and 7.5% other alloys in the coating material . With these alloys, pure silver becomes a little harder and could be more easily processed like gold.

Therefore, when closing the locks of your earrings or placing the round locks on the earring pins, there is a possibility that the pins may deform from time to time.

In such cases, the first thing we can suggest to you is to hold the pin of your earrings with the tip of your finger and give it a slight direction. The important thing is that the needle can find the right lock place and make sure that it is locked with a click.

Our other suggestion is to contact us; so you can send your earrings to one of our MER’S stores or MER’S Head Office and we can make repairs/exchanges.


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